DDA Flat Draw Result Procedure for Housing Scheme 2017

DDA is now inviting applications for DDA Housing Scheme 2017 and the last date of the application is 11 August 2017. As per DDA, the result of the draw will be announced in November or in December. The allotment of the flat is a computerized process which generates the list of winners through randomization. Let us have a look at the procedure followed by DDA.

Step 1: Randomizing the Forms

The first step is to give a random number to each and every application form and the random number is printed on the new application form so as to conceal the identity of the applicant. This procedure is called Cross Reference of Applicants. The flats are also randomized and the procedure is called Cross Reference of Flats. These two cross references are then the rechecked for proper randomization

Step 2: Picking the Number

In this step, boxes having coins with number 0 to 9 are placed in front of the judges. The starting position for the applications and flats are then decided in a random order. This is how the matching of the flats with the applicants is initiated.

Step 3: Allotment Process

Once the step 2 is complete, the lucky number of applicants and flats are noted down on the paper and the signature of the judges is taken on the same paper. After this, these numbers are fed into the computer again and the computer maps the applicants with the flats based on their choice of localities. This also takes care of the reservation system and gives a certain privilege to the people from SC, ST, PH, EX and WW categories.

The allotment process for the flat is really transparent and there is no space for any cheating or fraud hence you can be assured about the fair process.

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