DDA 2017 Housing Scheme: 400 Additional Houses for Sale

Most of the people who are willing to buy a house wait for the DDA’s scheme so as to get the property at the affordable price. This is an early Diwali for homebuyers as the DDA has decided to offer 400 additional houses to the home buyers.

As per the statistics shared by DDA, the authority has received more than 40,000 applications for the existing 2017 scheme. Earlier, the government was offering about 12 thousand flats under the scheme and these flats were offered in the various income group categories. In a recent announcement, the authority has increased the quota by 400 flats and all these 400 flats are located in Narela.

If you missed out the information about the 2017 DDA scheme then here is the information about the various categories in which the government is providing flats. The least number of flats are provided in High Income Group category and the number for HIG is 87. These flats are priced between Rs 53.52 Lakhs to Rs 1.26 Crore. The next category is Medium Income Group and there are 404 flats available in the category. The flats in MIG are priced between Rs 31.32 Lakhs to Rs 93.95 Lakhs. The next category for the flats is LIG and the DDA is offering 11,197 flats under this category. The price range for these flats is between Rs 14.5 Lakhs to Rs 30.3 lakhs. Lastly, the DDA is also providing 384 flats under Janta Category and they are priced between Rs 7.07 Lakhs to Rs 12.76 Lakhs.

The buyers of the house who applied for the scheme surely have a reason to be happy and once the results of the draw are announced, the buyers can then make the payment and take the possession of the house.

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